About FYRA

Founded in 2012 by four engineers with expertise in water resources engineering, FYRA is a consulting engineering firm known for responsiveness, agility and service that’s truly personal.

What’s In Our Name

Taken from the Swedish word for the number four, FYRA represents our four founders but it’s more than just a number. Synonymous with the fourth gear of a race car and the launching of a rocket, FYRA represents our ability to adapt quickly to an ever-changing landscape and the responsiveness we strive to show to each and every one of our clients.

We Build Relationships

As a water resources engineering firm, we build and repair dams and levees, design stormwater solutions, restore streams and lakes, analyze floodplains, and prepare technical assessments and studies. While our projects are varied, we view every one of them as opportunities to deliver results and build relationships with our clients.

Many of our clients are Midwest state agencies and municipalities who have been working with our team members for at least 20 years and trust our track record of success. They continue to partner with us because they know they are not numbers here. They’re people. We believe we all share a strong work ethic, listen well and show an uncommon attention to detail with every project we undertake. We enjoy unique projects and have been privileged to work on some of the most challenging projects in the Midwest. We tailor our approach to our clients’ needs and design projects with their unique concerns and requirements in mind.

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