Bob Gregalunas, PE, CFM



Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering, 2005 – University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Professional Engineer: Nebraska (#E-13416, 2010)
Certified Floodplain Manager


Nebraska Floodplain and Stormwater Managers Association, Member

Bob has over 9 years of experience in water resources engineering. He has extensive experience in watershed development projects, hydrologic and hydraulic investigations, joint probability assessments, stochastic system modeling, river restoration, dam design, levee design and stormwater management.

Bob has experience in the civil drafting/design software AutoCAD and Terramodel. His knowledge of computer programs include: ArcGIS, HEC-HMS, HEC-RAS, HEC-SSP, HEC-FDA, SMS, SRH2D, RiverFLO-2D and SITES.


North Lake – Platte River Levee Inspection ● Cass County, Nebraska ● North Lake Park Association ● 2014 – Civil Engineer for the levee inspection and recommendation report for North Lake’s Platte River Levee. Project involved an intensive site investigation to locate all levee deficiencies and an in depth evaluation of both riverside and landside levee conditions. Final deliverable included a recommendation report for North Lake Park Association to identify areas in need of immediate attention and long term operation and maintenance items that should be implemented.

Missouri River Federal Levee Systems R-613 and R-616-613 Levee Certification Design and Permitting ● Sarpy County, Nebraska ● Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District ● Current – Completed an economic analysis for the levee modifications supporting an application for EDA grant request. HEC-HMS was used to investigate the possibility of a new pumping station. Completed an interior drainage analysis required for FEMA accreditation using HEC-HMS.

Missouri River Federal Levee Systems R-613 and R-616-613 Levee Certification Investigative Phase and Alternative Analysis Phase ● Sarpy County, Nebraska ● Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District ● Current – Performed hydrologic and hydraulic modeling for the interior drainage analysis to determine flooding impacts on the landside of the levees system at each drainage penetration. HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS models were used to complete the study. HEC-SSP was utilized for an updated hydrologic study on the lower Platte River incorporating a joint-probability assessment at the Missouri/Platte River confluence. HEC-FDA was used for the risk and reliability assessment of the levee system.

Canal Inspections ● Statewide Washington ● United States Bureau of Reclamation ● 2010 – Staff Engineer performing field inspections of existing U.S. Bureau of Reclamation canals in Washington State. Field inspections included lined and unlined canal sections walkthroughs to document potential integrity issues of the canal prism due to scour/sedimentation, sloughing/slope failure, concrete panel failure, vegetation, and seepage.


Big Sandy Creek Reconnaissance Study ● near Davenport, Nebraska ● Little Blue Natural Resources District ● 2013 – Project Engineer for the investigation and economic analysis of a reconnaissance study for Davenport Dam. Includes the review of existing information, updating hydrology and hydraulic analyses using HEC-RAS/HEC-HMS, compute control elevations for dam design using SITES, water budget including groundwater recharge, computation of groundwater recharge benefits, and development of cost-benefit analysis.

Lake Winnebago Dam Relocation ● Cass County, Missouri ● Renaissance Infrastructure Group ● Current – Project Engineer for the investigation and economic analysis for relocating the existing dam at Lake Winnebago downstream to increase the size of the lake. Includes the review of available existing information and a refined hydraulic analysis of a gated dam to develop the lowest cost alternative for the project.

Forkview Dam Breach Analysis ● Wood County, Texas ● North American Coal ● 2010 – Project Engineer for dam breach analysis of Forkview Dam for inclusion in required Emergency Action Plan. HEC-HMS was used to develop the flood hydrograph and simulate the dam breach. An iterative approach was taken with HEC-RAS / HEC-HMS to tune the breach parameters to downstream controlling hydraulic conditions.

Sand Creek Restoration Project – 7 Upstream Sites ● Saunders County, Nebraska ● Lower Platte North Natural Resources District ● 2008 – Project Engineer for a comparative study of NRCS to USACE design criteria for seven water quality reservoirs upstream of Lake Wanahoo. Project included dam design, dam breach analysis, unsteady hydraulic modeling, and risk and uncertainty assessment


Elkhorn River at 240th Street Bank Stabilization Design and Permitting, Long Term Solution ● Sarpy County, Nebraska ● Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District ● Current – Project Engineer performing 1-D and 2-D hydraulic modeling for stream stability work along the Elkhorn River. HEC-RAS and SMS (SRH2D) were utilized to model proposed alternatives for stabilizing a significantly altered bend of the Elkhorn River through creation of a cut-off channel.

Ponca State Park and Mulberry Bend Boat Ramps ● Dixon and Dakota Counties, Nebraska ● Nebraska Game and Parks ● Current
– Project Engineer performing statistical analysis on the Missouri River to establish stage-probability relationships in non-gaged areas. The relationships were used as a decision making tool in designing new boat ramps that could provide better site access in times of low water. The analysis included long-term degradation trends in the Missouri River channel due to the loss of upstream sediment sources.
Elkhorn River IPA Bank Stabilization Design and Permitting ● Douglas County, Nebraska ● Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District ● 2012 – Design Engineer performing 1-D and 2-D hydraulic modeling with sedimentation and scour simulations for stream stability work along the Elkhorn River. Hydraulic modeling in HEC-RAS and SMS (SRH2D) supported design work associated with mitigation and stability improvements following a significant flooding event in 2010.
2011 Missouri River High Water Marks ● Missouri River Valley ● United States Corps of Engineers Omaha District ● 2012 – Quality Control Reviewer and Survey Specialist for post-2011 flood high water marks surveyed, set and recorded along Missouri River from mouth to headwaters.
Nursery Bridge Hydraulic Modeling ● Washington ● United States Army Corps of Engineers ● 2011 – Design Engineer performing hydraulic modeling for stream restoration work within a degrading channel downstream of a drop structure. Work included multiple sensitivity models to assess previous hydraulic modeling assumptions, design of A-Weir step pools for grade control, and meeting flow/velocity requirements for sustained fish passage. HEC-RAS and SMS (SRH2D) were used to model the stream and proposed improvements and direct design alternatives.
H&H Analysis ● Nationwide ● Union Pacific Railroad ● 2008 – Project Engineer performing hydrologic and hydraulic investigations of railroad structure replacements throughout the United States. Studies included: site investigations, field survey, rainfall-runoff modeling using TR55, TR20, and HEC-HMS, steady and unsteady-state hydraulic routing using HEC-RAS, sediment and scour analysis, 401/404 and floodplain permitting, as well as failure analysis.
<h3>Lakes/Water Quality</h3>
Carter Lake Watershed Management and Final Alternatives Analysis ● Carter Lake, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska ● Metropolitan Area Planning Agency ● 2009 – Project Engineer for hydrologic and hydraulic investigation or proposed improvements to Carter Lake. Study included proposed seepage impacts, optimizing pumping scenarios, and a water budget utilizing stochastic methods.
Lake Manawa Diagnostic and Feasibility Study ● Council Bluffs, Iowa ● Iowa Department of Natural Resources ● 2008 – Project Engineer for analysis of water budget and groundwater/surface water interaction of Lake Manawa. Work included stochastic modeling as well as seepage modeling with BlueBird and SeepW, and rainfall-runoff modeling with HEC-HMS.
Area 34 Water Balance ● Utah ● Barrick/Cortez Gold Mines ● 2010 – Project engineer developing a water balance simulation utilizing Monte Carlo simulations for a leachate storage pool and pumping system at a proposed gold mine. Work included development of functional water balance model incorporating proposed system design, meteorological assessments to develop statistical distributions for precipitation and evaporation data, modeling to assess design compliance with the International Cyanide Management Code (ICMC). HEC-HMS was utilized to formulate rainfall-runoff curves for incorporation into the probabilistic analysis. Unsteady-state HEC-RAS was utilized to model flow through diversion channels to assess potential of overtopping and violation of ICMC.
26th & Corby Neighborhood Combined Sewer Separation Study and Design ● Omaha, Nebraska ● City of Omaha ● 2012 – Design Engineer for hydrologic and hydraulic investigation of combined sewer separation project. Modeling of the existing combined system included sensitivity analysis of downstream conditions and multiple proposed scenarios within Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis (SSA). HEC-HMS was used to calibrate and validate rainfall-runoff assumptions within SSA.
Liberty Fuels Lignite Mine ● Kemper County, Mississippi ● North American Coal ● 2010 – Design Engineer for hydrologic and hydraulic investigation of a proposed lignite mine for inclusion in Environmental Impact Study and necessary FERC permitting. HEC-HMS was utilized for rainfall-runoff and reservoir operations modeling. Steady-state and unsteady-state HEC-RAS models were developed to support levee design and assessment of changes in sediment load to a downstream wildlife management area.
West Papillion Creek Watershed DFIRM Mapping Review ● Papillion, Nebraska ● City of Papillion ● 2008 – Project Engineer for independent review of recently completed DFIRM mapping of West Papillion Creek. Review of HEC-RAS and HEC-HMS Model of mapping revisions with reference to proposed flood reduction reservoirs.
Gregalunas, Robert. ABC’s of Levee Inspections. In: Association of State Flood Plain Managers Annual Meeting 2011; Lousiville, Kentucky.
Gregalunas, Robert. Missouri River High Water Marks In: Nebraska Floodplain and Stormwater Managers Association Conference; Kearney, Nebraska.
Gregalunas, Robert. Elkhorn River Flooding Post Flood Modeling and River Repair In: Nebraska Floodplain and Stormwater Managers Association Conference 2013; Nebraska City, Nebraska.
FYRA Engineering ● Omaha, Nebraska – July 2012 to Current, Project Engineer/Owner
Tetra Tech ● Omaha, Nebraska – April 2008 to June 2012, Engineer in Training/Project Engineer
Olsson Associates ● Omaha, Nebraska – December 2005 to March 2008, Engineer in Training


  • Lake Wanahoo Dam Design and Permitting • Wahoo, Nebraska • Lower
  • Platte North Natural Resources District • 2008
  • Campbell’s Dam Engineering Design • Lincoln, Nebraska • 2005
  • Waterford Estates Dam • Lincoln, Nebraska • 2004
  • Walnut Creek Lake (Papio Dam Site 21) • Papillion, Nebraska • Papio-
  • Missouri River Natural Resources District • 1997
  • Lake Winnebago Dam Relocation • Cass County, Missouri •
  • Renaissance Infrastructure Group • Current